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Digisuite Delivery Management Solution

Digsiuite DMS provides you with a complete delivery management software solution for pickup and delivery. Prioritize and assign your drivers with precision and efficiency.

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Digisuite Delivery is a professional grade hosted delivery management solution.

Digisuite DMS is designed to work for any field that requires pick up and delivery such as e-commerce websites, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and more. We aim To Facilitate and automate orders dispatching delivery operation.


Driver App

Driver App to Get real-time updates from your operation team, Navigate your destination turn by turn, communicate with the customer and get proof of delivery.



Real-time tracking of all delivery personnel and vehicles, so you can effectively manage your fleet and improve customer satisfaction.


COD Management

Cash on Delivery solution for your Delivery operation management. Finance settlement option. Track the cash flow from the point of order creation until the final destination.


Optimize Routes

Whether you’re on foot, on a bicycle, taking the transit or driving, route optimization can find the best route between delivery destinations.

  • Booking

  • Pickup Allocations

  • Collection

  • In Scan

  • Delivery Allocation

  • Out Scan

  • Delivery Status Bulk Update

  • Sms Module For Sms Broad Casting

  • Powerful Reports

  • API Integration with all
    customer system

  • Accounting Module

  • Drivers Module

  • Shippers Module

  • Customers

  • Currency

  • Country

  • City

  • Area

  • Sub Area

  • Android Mobile App for Drivers

  • Shipment Tracking Integration on Website

  • Multi Language UI with English


Interactive Map Dashboard


Real-time tracking


Delivery Notes


Best in class UI & UX